Guitar Recitals at Sheffield Cathedral

Sheffield, not exactly a hot bed of classical guitar happenings, will be treated to not one but two guitar recitals in March, when Nick Fletcher and Eddie Foster perform at the Sheffield Cathedral.

The free lunchtime recitals (donations towards the Cathedral welcome) take place most Fridays at 1.15pm in the main part of the cathedral, where the vast acoustics make for a very mellow and magical sound.  Perfectly timed to fit into a lunch hour, the recitals are a great way to take some time out, relax, reflect, and enjoy some wonderful music.

I enjoyed Jill Crossland’s piano recital back in January, where I enjoyed her vibrant and impassioned playing of some of my baroque faves – Scarlatti and Bach among them.

I sat rather gingerly a bit far back, which meant some of the faster playing was a little blurred in the large, reverberating acoustics.  My tip – don’t be afraid to get up close and personal if you want to hear the music at it’s best!


Nick Fletcher, Guitar

On Friday 24th, local Classical Guitarist Nick Fletcher will be playing a mixed programme of classical guitar repertoire including his own compositions.  Here’s a video of Nick playing the classic Carcassi A major study and a link to his Facebook page:


Eddie Foster, Guitar

The following Friday 31st (when I’ll be on a train to London for my Stag Do !!), fellow hirsute strummer (and artist) Edward Foster will also perform his own compositions – from his recently released album.  His lush tone and romantic stye should really sing in the cathedral!