Merry Plucking Christmas

It’s at this time of year, as we all start to wind down for Christmas Day, that I start to get all reflective, looking back on the achievements of the last twelve months.


It’s been one of the best yet, with all sorts of exciting developments, discoveries and stories.  I feel a tremendous sense of gratitude to all the lovely pupils who have chosen me to help guide them on their musical journey.  And it’s great to still have contact with some of my old Liverpool clients / friends via my online Skype lessons.

With a relocation to Sheffield back in February, there’s been all sorts of new experiences here, as I get to know new people and explore this fascinating place.  With the new location has come lots of other exciting ‘side projects’, getting involved in local heritage organisations, and starting a new large-scale composition work exploring the history of the city.  Oh, and a new allotment plot, that’s pretty exciting too.  Look forward to lots of christmas veg hampers next year!

Finally, in October I settled into a lovely new ‘HQ’ at the vibrant and bustling Harland Works, in the heart of Sheffield’s ‘Little Sheffield’ area.  It’s a great place to work and teach, and to welcome visitors and clients, and there’s dangerously good coffee and cake at The Harland Cafe, just downstairs.

I’m positively buzzing at the prospect of an even better year to come in 2015, as plans take shape to increase my offer and really set down roots in South Yorkshire.