A New Guitar Society for Liverpool

The Liverpool Guitar Society will be starting up this year, as an organisation to encourage, support and raise the profile of the Classical Guitar on Merseyside.

We will aim to meet every two weeks, in a city centre venue, from around 7-10pm on a weeknight, and we will run a range a guitar-related activities for people of all ages and backgrounds.

We are looking for Merseyside-based players and enthusiasts of the Classical Guitar to join us in this exciting venture, so please do get in touch if you’re interested!

The society will be…

  • The only on Merseyside, and a mecca for classical guitarists in the area.
  • An inclusive, friendly, welcoming and safe environment for guitarists to meet other like-minded musicians.
  • A place where guitarists can perform solo and in ensembles, and get involved in public performances in a guitar ensemble
  • Somewhere to get support, encouragement and help from peers, and access the shared skills and experience of members.
  • A forum for regular events, including visiting performances, masterclasses, seminars, workshops and parties.

Please email me on info@liverpoolguitar.org if you would like to know more, and if you are interested in getting involved in any way…(we’re also looking for help with promotion, logo and graphic design, and funding)

Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates

Get in touch if you'd like to purchase a guitar lessons voucher

I often get requests from people wishing to get music lessons as a gift for friends or loved ones, so I have recently started producing Guitar lesson gift certificates.

These high quality hand-made vouchers entitle the buyer to a pre booked package of guitar lessons, which can be tailored to the person’s individual needs and budget. For example, my most popular voucher is a guitar lesson starter package for beginners, which includes an initial 30-minute lesson, followed by a block of three 45-minutes lessons.  While the individual cost of these lessons would come to over £60, when booked as a gift package it costs just £50.

A range of other options are also available, ranging from one-off lesson vouchers, to large block bookings.  As always, just ask me for more details, and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Plans for 2010

A new decade seems like a big deal to me, even if no one seems to be able to agree what to call it, (is it the teenies? The tens?)  so I want to be more productive than ever this year!

Projects in the pipeline include starting up a Liverpool Classical Guitar Society, which will give Classical Guitarists in Liverpool a long-overdue opportunity to come together with like minded people.

I’ve taken up the lap steel guitar, have set myself the task of developing my Jazz guitar skills, and am hoping to take a classical guitar performance diploma exam after the summer.  All this, and I’m planning to release a solo album of folk/pop music in or around May.

Let’s hope I haven’t bitten off more than I can chew…

Recommend a friend!

I’m introducing a bonus scheme to encourage my existing pupils to recommend me to their friends and acquaintances.

If you know someone who is looking for music lessons, and you think I might fit the bill, I’d love you to pass on my details.

From now on, if you recommend my services to someone you know, who then goes on to make a booking, you will receive a voucher entitling you to a free guitar lesson in return!

Happy New Year…

And best wishes for the new decade!

I’m one of those people that like to see a new year as a fresh start.  It’s also an opportunity to look back over the achievements of the previous year, while looking forward to the coming year, and setting targets to aim towards.

To help pupils reflect on past achievements, and set targets for even more improvement, I’ll be bringing assessment sheets to lessons in January and February, which will give us both an opportunity to discuss what’s gone well, what could go better, and what to aim for in the coming months.  As well as entering my own comments, the forms will include space for pupils to self-assess, and give feedback on what I could do to give more support.

I will also be giving out pupil satisfaction questionnaires in the coming weeks, which I hope you won’t mind completing for me. The form will ask you to rate different areas of the service I offer from appointments, to time keeping, resources – everything.  I ask that you be honest and open, and don’t hold back!  My ability to constantly improve and success as a teacher relies a great deal on your constructive feedback.  After I’ve collated the feedback, I’ll publish an update with findings and details of any changes I plan to make and how I hope to improve.

This year marks my 10 year anniversary of living in Liverpool, and I’m looking forward to another great decade of music making on Merseyside.