The Liverpool Guitar Society at Liverpool Light Night

Here are some photos of the Liverpool Guitar Society appearing at two public performances as part of the Liverpool Light Night, on 14th May 2010.

The Liverpool Guitar Society
Members of the Liverpool Guitar Ensemble at Liverpool Hope University

I’m the one wearing innapropriate tweed and, while carrying a few extra pounds around the waist, my Torres-sized classical guitar looks more like a Ukelele!

To the right are Richard Harding and Rich Anderson.

Thanks to Mark McNulty and Mike Warnes (two great Liverpool-based photographers) for taking the pictures, which bring back great memories of an exciting, vibrant evening of art and music.

Mike Warnes Photography

Scott, The Liverpool Guitar Society, The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool
Scott Russell, Liverpool Guitar Society, The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool Light Night

Mike is one of my pupils, and friend, which is perhaps why he very kindly went with the flattering black and white option for this portrait taken at the Walker Art Gallery.

I’m not quite sure what my 4th finger is doing here, or where it thinks it’s going.¬† After seeing this photo, I got my copy of Pumping Nylon out and forced my fingers into a more correct position.¬† So, to all my pupils, let that be a lesson to you!

We hope to be playing the Long Night of the Liverpool  Biennial on the 18th November Рso watch this space or the Liverpool Guitar Society Weblog for more news on that.

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