January Sale


We’re nice people here in Sheffield.  That’s why throughout January I’m offering 10% off guitar lessons here at Little Sheffield Guitar Studio.  For an hour’s lesson, you’ll pay just £18, for a 45 minute lesson, £15, and a 30 minute lesson will cost just £13.50.

“Pft”, you scoff, “10% of twenty quid is only £2 – what can I do with that?”

Well, I’ll tell you: you can get a lovely coffee downstairs at The Harland Cafe.  Or, if you’re in need of a bit of a culinary cuddle, the salted caramel chocolate brownie (yes, thats right – Salted Caramel + Chocolate, in a brownie) is one of the most ridiculously tasty things I’ve eaten.

You can probably get some sort of fun but bewildering camping gadget next door at Go Outdoors (just make sure you’ve got their ‘discount card’ first) or some rare and exotic groceries at the brilliant Ozmen Supermarket on London Road.

It’ll also get you a bus ticket, with change, or if you’re lucky enough to be a student, or young person, your bus both ways.  If, like me, you’ve got a habit of losing your plectrums almost instantly, you could get four or five replacements (my favourites are Jim Dunlop Tortex) from local music shops Wavelength Music, Richtone or Wizard Guitars.

Anyway, you see what I mean.  So, if you’re coming for lessons during January on either a pay-as-you-go basis, or with a block booking, you’ll be getting a little something back each time you come.  See you soon!

Guitar Lesson Gift Certificates

Get in touch if you'd like to purchase a guitar lessons voucher

I often get requests from people wishing to get music lessons as a gift for friends or loved ones, so I have recently started producing Guitar lesson gift certificates.

These high quality hand-made vouchers entitle the buyer to a pre booked package of guitar lessons, which can be tailored to the person’s individual needs and budget. For example, my most popular voucher is a guitar lesson starter package for beginners, which includes an initial 30-minute lesson, followed by a block of three 45-minutes lessons.  While the individual cost of these lessons would come to over £60, when booked as a gift package it costs just £50.

A range of other options are also available, ranging from one-off lesson vouchers, to large block bookings.  As always, just ask me for more details, and I’ll be more than happy to help.

Recommend a friend!

I’m introducing a bonus scheme to encourage my existing pupils to recommend me to their friends and acquaintances.

If you know someone who is looking for music lessons, and you think I might fit the bill, I’d love you to pass on my details.

From now on, if you recommend my services to someone you know, who then goes on to make a booking, you will receive a voucher entitling you to a free guitar lesson in return!