About Scott

I got into music relatively late when at the age of 13 I discovered grunge, and decided I had to learn guitar.  I got a cheap guitar and amp package for my birthday and set about filling the family home with the sound of distorted chords. which was to prove a very important decision for me. When I moved school the next year, I thought I’d try ‘proper’ guitar lessons, where I met the most inspirational teacher in Peter Constable, my guitar tutor. The most important thing he instilled in me was a real love for music,  which inspired me to practice furiously every day, and I quickly worked through the exam grades, achieving Grade 8 four years later.

It was Peter who recommended me to a local music shop, (Music Plus in Sleaford – now sadly closed) who were looking for a guitar tutor.  I began giving lessons in their upstairs office, and built up a regular client base of pupils from a range of backgrounds and ages. I was sad to leave Music Plus, but university beckoned, and I moved to Liverpool in 1999.

I graduated in 2002 from the University of Liverpool with a BA in Music/Popular music, and for the next two years concentrated on playing in bands, teaching, and finding my first jobs playing classical guitar at small functions and weddings. When my band disbanded, I decided to concentrate more on building up my teaching and solo work, which eventually led to me studying for a PGCE in Secondary Music at Edge Hill University.

My experiences in studying, making and teaching music have formed me into the musician and educator I am today. While my main background is in classical guitar teaching and performance, my music making over the last ten years has included indie, rock, samba, electronica, country and bluegrass.  I write, record and perform music all the time, and have developed  skills in music technology, which have in turn fed back into my teaching.

If you’ve managed to make it this far down without falling asleep, but still have questions about my background, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  • CV Summary

    • Studying Towards Diploma in Classical Guitar
      PGCE Secondary Music – Edge Hill University
      BA(Hons) Music/Popular Music – University of Liverpool
      4 A-Levels and 10 GCSE’s
      Grade 8 Guitar Music Theory – Guildhall School of Music

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